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Direct marketing - Advertising

is a sub-discipline of marketing focused on driving purchases that can be attributed to a specific "call-to-action". Direct marketing is

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 distinguished from other marketing efforts by its emphasis on trackable, measurable results (known as "response" in the industry) regardless of medium.

Direct marketers use a variety of media including catalogs, postcards, statement inserts, card packs, magazines and other mail. Direct marketers also use media such as door hangers, package inserts, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, email, internet banner ads, pay-per-click ads, billboards, transit ads, etc. If the ad in the medium asks the prospect to take a specific action--call an 800 number, visit a website, return a response card, place an order, complete a survey, etc.--then the effort is considered to be direct marketing.



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Ad-Vantage Marketing
455 Tesconi Cir, Santa Rosa, CA 707 578-8700

Direct Mailing Systems

565 Martin Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 707 584-4884

Golden Pacific Systems Inc
529 Martin Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 707 586-9122

Melo Mar Mailing Solutions
3253 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 578-0880

Money Mailer
498 Decanter Cir, Windsor, CA 707 527-8284

Sunshine Express Mailers
541 Acadia Dr, Petaluma, CA 707 765-0441
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Direct marketing is attractive to many marketers, because in many cases its effectiveness can be measured directly. For example, if a marketer sends out one million solicitations by mail, and ten thousand customers can be tracked as having responded to the promotion, the marketer can say with some confidence that the campaign led directly to the responses.

By contrast, measurement of other media must often be indirect, since there is no direct response from a consumer. Measurement of results, a fundamental element in successful direct marketing, is explored in greater detail elsewhere in this article.

While many marketers like this form of marketing, some direct marketing efforts using particular media have sometimes been criticized for generating unwanted solicitations. For example, direct mail that is irrelevant to the recipient is considered "junk mail", and unwanted email messages are considered "spam".

Direct marketing channels

Any medium that can be used to deliver a communication to a customer can be employed in direct marketing.


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