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Real estate brokers and their salespersons commonly called "real estate agents"

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assist sellers in marketing their property and selling it for the highest possible price under the best terms. When The difference between salespersons and brokers
In the past, when brokers (and their agents) only represented sellers, the term ‘’real estate salesperson’’ may have been more appropriate than it is today, given the different ways that brokers and their agents can help a buyer through the process rather than simply “sell’’ him or her a property. Legally however, the term 'salesperson' is still used in many states to describe a real estate agent.

Real estate education: In order to become licensed, most states require that an applicant take a minimum number of classes before taking the state licensing exam. Such education is often provided by real estate brokerages as a means to finding new agents.

Today in many states, the real estate agent (acting as an agent of the broker with whom he/she is employed) is required to disclose to prospective buyers and sellers who represents whom. See below for a broker/agent’s relationship to sellers and their relationship to buyers.

While some people may refer to any licensed real estate agent as a real estate broker, a licensed real estate agent is a professional who has obtained either a real estate salesperson's license or a real estate broker's license.

In the United States, there are commonly two levels of real estate professionals licensed by the individual states, but not by the federal government:

Real estate salesperson: When a person first becomes licensed to become a real estate agent, he/she obtains a real estate salesperson's license from the state in which he/she will practice. To obtain a real estate license, the candidate must take specific coursework (of between 40 and 90 hours) and then pass a state exam on real estate law and practice. In order to work, salespersons must then be associated with (and act under the authority of) a real estate broker.


Looking for Sonoma County real estate, Sonoma real estate. Sonoma valley real estate, agents, brokers ? Please scroll down.

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Charles Adamson
Santa Rosa, CA 707 541-7540

Juliette Andrews
800 Broadway, Sonoma, Ca 95476   707 939-2661

Bianca Banash
800 Broadway,  Sonoma, Ca 95476
 707 939-2623

Bob Buhman
5550 State Farm Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 707 585-3400

Sue Buhman
5550 State Farm Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 707 585-7575

Oscar Chavez
141 Stony Cir, Santa Rosa, CA 707 578-2626

Bill Clegg
Santa Rosa, CA 707 525-8517

Margaret Clift
460 Mission Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 537-7887

Abe Cyphers
800 Broadway, , Sonoma, Ca 95476 
707 939-2634

Amber Dawson
800 Broadway, , Sonoma, Ca 95476  
707 939-2603

Patty Doerphinghaus
Rohnert Park, CA 707 793-9050

Carol A Johnson
Santa Rosa, CA 707 575-7690

Corinne “Tonie” Jones
800 Broadway, Sonoma, Ca 95476
707 939-2643

Marlene Lily
831 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 707 569-2102

Jeremy Loughry
320 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 568-6032

Buzz Mantle
800 Broadway, Sonoma, Ca 95476 707 939-2636  Email

Angela Mclaughlin
800 Broadway, ,  Sonoma, Ca 95476  
707 939-2602
Ruben Mora-Roman
2900 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 568-1414

Bill Roberts
800 Broadway, , Sonoma, Ca 95476  707 939-2641

Bonnie Roberts
800 Broadway, Sonoma, Ca 95476  707 939-2642
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Many states also have reciprocal agreements with other states, allowing a licensed individual from a qualified state to take the second state's exam without completing the course requirements, or, in some cases, take only a state law exam.

Real estate broker: After gaining some years of experience in real estate sales, a salesperson may decide to become licensed as a real estate broker. Commonly more course work and a broker's state exam on real estate law must be passed. Upon obtaining a broker's license, a real estate agent may continue to work for another broker in a similar capacity as before (often referred to as a broker associate or associate broker) or take charge of his/her own brokerage and hire other salespersons (or broker) licensees. Becoming a branch office manager may or may not require a broker's license. Some states such as New York allow licensed attorneys to become real estate brokers without taking any exam. In states, such as Colorado, there are no "salespeople", as all licensees are Brokers.

A REALTOR, pronounced “Real-tor” (rē΄əl tōr), is a real estate salesperson or broker who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). All Realtors are brokers/salespersons, but not all brokers/salespersons are Realtors.


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