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A Steel building

is a metal structure with steel for the exterior cladding and internal support.  Such buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, office space and living space. They have evolved into specific type depending on how they are used.

Some common types of steel buildings are "straight-walled", "arch" and "clearspan". Straight-walled and the arch type refer to the outside shape of the building. Steel arch buildings are the most cost effective and structurally sound.









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 They are commonly used in the agricultural industry. Straight-walled buildings provide more usable space when compared to arch buildings. They are also easier to blend into existing architecture. Straight-walled buildings are commonly used for office space. Clearspan classification refers to the internal construction. Clearspan steel buildings utilize stronger overhead support beams, thus reducing the need for supporting internal columns. Clearspan steel buildings can be used to store large commercial aircraft or used as public arenas


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